Native War Paints Holiday Homecoming Collection

Today I have for your swatches of Native War Paint‘s Holiday Homecoming collection which released on December 6th. This collection consists of 15 polishes – 2 shimmers, 3 creams, 5 holographic, 3 jelly/crelly glitters, and 2 glitter toppers. Let’s get right to it, shall we?


“Antique  Ornaments”

Indoor Lighting


Antique Ornaments is a shimmery golden orange polish with gold flakes. Three coats with top coat. At first I did not think that I would like this polish because orange usually doesn’t look good on my skin tone but the added golden shimmer gives it a depth that transforms it into a very chic and classy polish.



“Cool Winter Sunsets”

Indoor Lighting


Cool Winter Sunsets is a cobalt blue polish with pink/purple shimmer. Three coats with top coat. I love the shimmer that’s been added to this polish!




“Christmas Flowers”

Indoor Lighting


Christmas Flowers is a creamy red polish that has slight satin finish when dried. Pictured is two coats with top coat hence the standard shiny finish. I like that this polish isn’t your standard “in your face” bright red polish. It’s a little more subtle which makes it easier to wear – well, at least for me since I’m not the biggest fan of red polish.

“First Snowfall”


First Snowfall is a white polish that has a hint of shimmer and also dries to a satin finish. Three coats, no top coat. Smooth formula, it’s not as thick as most white polishes out there so it does require an extra coat but I’m not complaining about that at all! You’ll see why in just a moment. 😉

“The Perfect Tree”



The Perfect Tree is a creamy green polish with satin finish. Two coats with top coat. I love the shade of green that this polish has!

Cream Watermarble


These three cream polishes are perfect for watermarbling! They are the perfect consistency from the beginning so you don’t have to manipulate the formula to get it to spread correctly. I used all three creams for this watermarble and topped it with “Fairy Dust” by China Glaze. FYI, First Snowfall has got to be the best white polish that I’ve ever watermarbled with. It doesn’t blend into the other colors at all!


“Frosted Windows”

Indoor Lighting


LED Lighting


Frosted Windows is a frosty metallic silver holographic polish. Three coats, no top coat. Usually I run from frosty polishes as they leave lots of streaks but not this one! Nice and easy application, no steaks, and it’s holographic?! I’m in love!



“Holiday Party Dress”

LED Lighting


Holiday Party Dress is a creamy black holographic polish that has a slight gold hint to it. ONE COAT, no top coat. I’ve tried a couple of black holographic polishes in the past and this one stands out from the pack. The fact that it’s creamy allows for it to be opaque in just one coat. One of my favorites for sure!



“Ribbons and Bows”


Ribbons and Bows is a lavender holographic polish with blue/pink flakes. This polish is the most sheer of all. On my ring and pinky are three coats with top coat. Thumb, Index, and Middle is one coat over “Judi” by Julep. This polish is very beautiful but would be hard for me to wear alone since it takes so many coats to make opaque. For me – the less coats, the happier I am. I like this polish a lot better over a similar color base polish.


Ribbons and Bows on it’s own


Ribbons and Bows over “Judi” by Julep


“Mistletoe Kisses”

Indoor Lighting


Mistletoe Kisses is a deep magenta holographic polish with pink/purple flakes. Two coats, no top coat. I’ve always loved this colors and the fact that it’s holographic makes me love it even more!



“Shimmering Icicles”

Indoor Lighting


Shimmering Icicles is a baby blue shimmery holographic polish. Three coats, no top coat. One of my favorite shades of blue. Is it weird that when I first saw it, my mind instantly thought of Disney’s Frozen? 🙂




“Old Man Winter”


Old Man Winter is a white crelly polish with silver, gold, white and blue glitter of various sizes. It also has white and silver snowflakes. Two coats, no top coat. This polish is packed with glitter! You do have to fish for the snowflakes which is why this polish comes with a bag of loose glitter so you can easily place the larger glitters!



“Frosted Christmas Cookies”

Indoor Lighting


Frosted Christmas Cookies is a baby green crelly with a mix of red, green, and white glitters. It also has several holiday themed glitters mixed in – Christmas Trees, Bells, Snowmen and Snowflakes. Two coats, no top coat. I wish this polish had a little bit more glitter mixed in but it also comes with a bag of loose glitter so problem solved!


“Under the Christmas Tree”

Indoor Lighting


Under the Christmas Tree is a glitter topper with green, red, silver and gold glitters. There are also green Christmas Tree and star glitters! One coat with another for placement, no top coat over Frosted Christmas Cookies. This polish is Christmas in a bottle! It also comes with a bag of loose glitter for placement.



“Gingerbread Lane”

Indoor Lighting


Gingerbread Lane is another glitter topper with five different colored holographic glitters. One coat over First Snowfall with no top coat. I love this topper! The fine glitters make for an easy application and there are lots of them, so no fishing required!



“Visions of Sugar Plums”

Indoor Lighting


Last is Visions of Sugar Plums – a purple jelly polish with a mix of purple and silver iridescent glitters. Two coats, no top coat. I love everything about this polish! The color, the glitter, the application – another favorite!



Overall Thoughts

With 15 polishes in this collection, there is definitely something for everyone! All polishes have really great formulas. Some are a bit sheer but overall, I’m impressed. My favorites are Holiday Party Dress, Gingerbread Lane, Visions of Sugar Plums, and the creams of course! Which ones do you like?

All polishes are available for purchase here.

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

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