A Box, Indied – December 2015

After a little hiatus and a few changes, A Box, Indied is back – “Revamped & Reloaded!” The biggest change is that A Box, Indied will no longer be a monthly subscription box. Instead, it will be listed as a pre-order WITH NO CAP on the 1st and 2nd of every month with boxes shipping out starting the 11th. How awesome and stress-free is that?! 😀

Another change is that there are now five set bloggers/swatchers reviewing each month’s box so you can easily find all swatches in one place (instead of jumping from maker to maker). The current swatcher line up is Cosmetic Sanctuary, Ermahgerd Perlish, My Nail Polish Obsession, Pointless Cafe, and myself! You can expect to see swatches floating around by the 23rd of each month.

Now let’s talk December’s box! This month’s box is entitled “Revamped & Reloaded” and includes polishes from Black Cat Lacquer, Contrary PolishDarling Diva, Girly Bits, & KBShimmer.

All swatches were taken indoors under a combination of Cree daylight and LED bulbs using a Samsung NX300 camera.

Black Cat Lacquer – “Wine & Dine”

First up is Wine & Dine – a deep, vampy burgundy crelly filled with metallic gold, violet, and pink holographic hex glitters of various sizes. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. Formula is a little on the thick side – which is expected as it’s packed full of glitters! – but is still easy to control. I had no issues with needing to fish for glitters or glitter distribution, as you can see from my swatch photos. This is my first time trying out Black Cat Lacquer and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased! Wine & Dine is a vampy crelly that I can definitely see myself wearing.

So. Many. Glitters! ❤

Contrary Polish – “Ch-Ch-Changes”

Ch-Ch-Changes is a thermal polish with added gold and silver micro flakes that goes from dark grey to light grey when warm. Shown here is three coats plus top coat. This polish is really easy to apply and control. It also builds opacity quite well. It dries to a satin finish so a top coat is recommended. Contrary Polish is another brand that I was not familiar with prior to this box but now that I am, I want more! I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like this polish when I saw it in the bottle but once applied, I fell in love!

Cold State

Cold State

Those metallic micro flakes go perfectly with this polish!

Cold State

Cold State


Cold State

Cold State


Warm State

Warm State


Transition State. Warm at Base, Cold at Tip

Transition State – Warm at Base, Cold at Tip


Transition State - Warm at Base, Cold at Tip

Transition State – Warm at Base, Cold at Tip

Darling Diva – “Redelicious”

Redelicious is a berry red jelly with scattered holo, metallic red micro glitters, and opalescent flakie shards. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. While I do own a few Darling Diva polishes, they are all in my untried pile so this is another brand first for me and I am kicking myself for not trying them sooner. This polish is awesome! Formula is suuuuper smooth and really, really easy to control. It dries fairly quickly and levels very well! It’s also a breeze to clean up. I’m pretty much obsessed with the opalescent flakie shards. They bring this polish to life. ❤

In direct lighting, the scattered holo shines through!

In indirect lighting, the opalescent shards start to come out and play!

Flakies for daaaayyysssss! ❤

Girly Bits – “Tubthumping”

Tubthumping is a beautiful sheer gold jelly with subtle pink-violet shimmer and is packed with bronze and gold holographic micro glitters. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. Formula is aaaaamazing! Since the glitters are so small and fine, this baby goes on just like butter! Not to mention, it’s such an absolutely gorgeous shade! The gold tinted base, the metallic holo glitters, the subtle shimmer… all I can say is WOW!

I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now!

And one more just cause 😉

KBShimmer – “Bling Out Loud”

Last up is KBShimmer’s contribution: Bling Out Loud – a sheer grape jelly with TONS of added silver holographic micro glitter. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. This polish is SO FULL OF GLITTER yet is painless to apply! It’s really easy to control and levels exceptionally well. This polish could not have been named any better because it definitely brings the bling! You better have your sunglasses handy for this baby! When I saw this polish, I immediately gasped followed by lots of oohs and aahs when I got it into the sun. To say I am obsessed with this polish is a massive understatement.

So much bling, you can practically see it from outer space!


Overall Thoughts

A Box, Indied is back and this month’s box packs a punch – holo, glitter, flakies, jelly, crelly, creme, and thermal! I’ve gotta say, I’m really impressed with not only each brand’s contribution, but also the variety of finishes and colors included. I had no formula or application issues and most were opaque in two coats. I’m really, really excited to see what’s coming up in the future!

Each month’s box will be priced at $50 plus shipping and can be pre-ordered here starting today, December 1st, through tomorrow, December 2nd only. A very important note: A Box, Indied boxes must be purchased separately from any other items on Llarowe’s site as these boxes ship from a different location. If other items are included along with ABI, those items will be canceled and removed from the order.

For more information and swatch photos, you can visit the A Box, Indied Facebook Page, Llarowe Facebook Page, or any of the makers’ Facebook Pages (linked above).

What do you think of the re-launched A Box, Indied? Are you excited to see what’s in store??

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


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