Fair Maiden Polish The Rainbow Brights Collection

Hello there and happy Friday! 🙂 Today I have for you swatches of Fair Maiden Polish‘s upcoming The Rainbow Brights Collection releasing 5/30 at 12pm CST.

Photo Credit: Fair Maiden Polish

Photo Credit: Fair Maiden Polish

This collection is loosely based on the popular 80’s cartoon, Rainbow Brite! It consists of eight neon cremes, one holographic topper, and one gold glitter.

All swatch photos were taken indoors. All creme polishes were taken under Cree daylight bulbs and the toppers under a combination of Cree daylight bulbs and LED bulbs. Now onto the fun!


Daredevil is a pigment rich, vibrant red neon. Shown here is two coats with top coat. This polish is AMAZING. The formula is so creamy and so easy to control. Not too thin, not too thick… it’s juuuuust right!

“Ooh La La”

Ooh La La is a neon orange creme. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. This polish has the same formula as Daredevil – absolute perfection! When I think of neon orange, this is the exact shade that comes to mind.

“Look on the Bright Side”

Look on the Bright Side is a happy and bright (almost highlighter) yellow. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. This polish right here is the BEST neon yellow, BEST creme yellow, BEST yellow polish I’ve ever tried. Two super easy, super creamy coats with no white base needed! *insert shocked face emoji* Perfect in every way.

“Aim to Misbehave”

Aim to Misbehave is a luscious medium green creme. It is more of a bold polish rather than neon. Shown here is two coats with top coat. The formula on this polish is a little thicker than the previous polishes. I had slight waves come up once the polish started drying but they quickly disappeared when I added my top coat.

“Let’s Get Physical”

Let’s Get Physical is a creamy, energetic medium blue creme. Shown here is two coats with top coat. I instantly gravitated to this polish when I received my swatch package. It’s such a gorgeous shade of blue and upon applying, I was very pleased. This polish was very easy to control and had great coverage – it was almost opaque in one coat.

“Reach for the Sky”

Reach for the Sky is a lighter hued indigo creme. This polish falls right in the middle of the blue – purple spectrum. Pictured is two coats plus top coat. I noticed slight patchiness at the base of a couple nails after I applied my second coat. It wasn’t very noticeable so I chose not to add a third coat. I had to apply this polish very carefully to avoid streaks but other than that, I had no issues.

“Don’t Be Shy”


Don’t Be Shy is a violet red purple creme. Shown here is two coats with top coat. This polish was actually opaque in one coat but I had slight VNL (visible nail line) on my accent nail that kept bothering me so I added a second coat lol. Another polish with an amazing formula!

“Tickle Me Pink”

Tickle Me Pink is a classic hot pink neon. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. Finally! A hot pink neon that is not only perfect is color but in application! Love this polish!

“Always Look for the Rainbow”

Always Look for the Rainbow is a glitter topper that is packed with gold holographic hex glitters and duochrome shimmers. Shown here is three coats with no base on my accent nail and one coat over black on all other nails plus top coat. For a glitter topper, this polish had a nice consistency. There was no fishing required and there was a nice ratio of polish to base.

By itself, the gold holographic glitters are what stand out most…

…but when on top of a black base, the awesome duochrome shimmers come out to play!

“Glory of the Galaxy”

Glory of the Galaxy is a linear and scattered holographic topper with added blue-purple flash. Shown here is one coat over black with top coat. I’m just gonna come out and say it – BEST HOLO TOP COAT EVER! I have tried so many holo top coats and there’s always something that seems to be missing. Not here! Glory of the Galaxy is just that – Glorious! It’s everything that I have ever wanted in a holo top coat and more because of the added flash *swooning for dayssss*

Just look at that holo! It really is like a galaxy on my nail!

And just cause, here’s a fancy photo!

Overall Thoughts

So you might be thinking “Oh no, not another neon creme collection…” (cause I know I was when I first saw this collection) but let me tell you, this is hands down one of the best neon creme collections I’ve ever used. From the colors, to the formula, to the application, I don’t have anything bad to say! When I think of neon, these are the colors that come to mind and when I think of creme, this is the formula that I want. I am so impressed with this collection! Do these polishes marble? Yes they do but even if they didn’t, I wouldn’t care one bit because they are just that awesome on their own.

My favorites would be Look on the Bright Side, Let’s Get Physical, Tickle Me Pink, and Glory of the Galaxy.

These polishes will be available for purchase here tomorrow, 5/30, at 12pm CST. The complete collection will be available for $75 in full size and $45 in mini size. All individual polishes will be sold as full size for $8.50 (cremes) and $9 (toppers).

Also, don’t forget to check out Fair Maiden Polish on Facebook and Instagram for more!

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

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