Salon Perfect Neon Pop! Collection

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I have for you swatches of Salon Perfect‘s five new Neon Pop! polishes. These five polishes are being added their existing Neon Pop! collection and can only be found at Walmart for a limited time.

All swatches were taken indoors under Cree daylight bulbs and topped with Salon Perfect’s Crystal Clear Top Coat.

“Mer-Made of Money”

Mer-Made of Money is a bright teal creme. Shown here is three coats plus top coat. The first two coats were a bit patchy for me but the third coat covered everything right up. This polish is very (and I mean very!) similar to China Glaze’s Too Yacht to Handle. The only difference I could pick up is that this polish is a tad bit lighter.

“Wrapped Around my Pink-y”

Wrapped Around my Pink-y is a neon bubble gum pink creme. Shown here is three coats plus top coat. Again, the first coat was pretty patchy but after the third coat, all patches were gone. This polish has great self leveling and a very fast dry time.

“Purple POP!”

Purple POP! is a bright medium purple creme. Shown here is two coats with top coat. This polish has the best formula of the five new shades. I had no issues with application and it leveled very nicely.

“Oh Snap!”


Oh Snap! is a very bright neon hot pink creme. Shown here is three coats plus top coat. This polish was pretty much opaque in two coats but I had small streaks that I wanted to cover up with a third coat. Probably the brightest of the bunch!

“Copacabana Girl”

Copacabana Girl is a vibrant orange-coral creme with a subtle pink shimmer. Shown here is three coats plus top coat. I had the same small streaks with this polish as I did with Oh Snap! so I needed to add a third coat. I did notice that this polish had a better formula than Oh Snap!.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I like the new polishes that Salon Perfect added to their Neon Pop! collection. Although I did have patch and streak issues in the first 1-2 coats, they were gone when I applied my last coat. All of these polishes dry very quickly and self level nicely which made swatching a breeze. All of the polishes dry to a semi-matte finish so I would definitely recommended wearing them with a top coat.

As far as the Crystal Clear top coat goes, I give it two thumbs up! I didn’t experience any polish smearing and it dries very quickly! It is  a bit thin though so you do have to apply carefully to not flood your cuticles.

My favorites would be Oh Snap! and Copacabana Girl mainly because they are the brightest. I feel like they really fit well with the Neon Pop! theme and I love how they look against my skin. I definitely see myself wearing all five shades this summer!

As mentioned above, these limited edition shades can be found only at Walmart for $3.98. Make sure to check out Salon Perfect on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter,  for more!

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

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