Glam Polish Alphabet City Collection

Happy New Year’s Eve… Eve! 🙂 Today I have for you swatches of Glam Polish‘s newest collection – Alphabet City – inspired by the Broadway musical Avenue Q!

This fun and bright holo micro glitter 9-piece collection releases January 1st!

Before I get into each individual shade, I want to talk about the formula of these polishes. Two words: Absolutely AMAZING!! Each polish covered wonderfully in two super easy coats. The application is as smooth as you could possibly get… even with the holo micro glitters! I did not have to do any clean up because the formula is so easy to control. Plus they all level and dry exceptionally well meaning that just one coat of top coat will suffice to get a nice, shiny, and smooth finish. Let me tell you – this is the formula that I dream of! ❤

All swatches were taken indoors under a combination of Cree daylight and LED bulbs using a Samsung NX300 camera. All swatches shown are two coats plus top coat.

“The Internet is for Pourn”

First up is The Internet is for Pourn – a pink leaning bright red holographic micro glitter. I’m usually not one for reds but this one caught my eye immediately and I fell madly in love when I applied it! I’m thinking it’s the pink leaning hue that makes it more appealing to me. This shade is one of my favorites from the collection – I’ve already worn it on several occasions!

Easily one of my favorite red polishes that I own!

“Loud As the Hell You Want”

Loud As the Hell You Want is a coral orange holographic micro glitter. This shade compliments my skin tone so well especially for it being an orange! This is another polish where I’m obsessing over the hue ❤ I love that the micro glitters work so well with this color yet still stands out.

Those holo micro glitters are everything! ❤


Schadenfreude is a bright chartreuse holographic micro glitter. This is by far the prettiest chartreuse polish I’ve ever laid my eyes on! Not only is this a beautiful polish, it’s also so much fun! I’ve seen this polish on quite a few skin tones and let me tell you – it’s stunning! This is an unexpected favorite!

This macro makes me so happy 😀

“School for Monsters”

School for Monsters is a gooooorgeous grass green holographic micro glitter and is the most holo polish in the collection. I L-O-V-E this one so, so much! The holographic micro glitters transform into a multitude of colors in this grass green base which gives it so much depth. I did not want to take this one off!

I just can’t…! ❤

Oh, the holo!!

“Not Wearing Underwear”

Not Wearing Underwear is a bright aqua holographic micro glitter. This polish speaks to my heart! I am so hypnotized by it’s magnificent aqua color! This is a shade that I’m definitely going to be using often. Simply beautiful!

Oh so amazing!

“It Sucks to be Me”

It Sucks to be Me is a cornflower blue holographic micro glitter. Of all the polishes that I own, I don’t think I have any this shade. And if I do, it’s definitely not holo! I love the lightness of this shade – it’s so pretty! I’m itching to use this one in a snowflake mani! 😉

❤ ❤ ❤

“Mix Tape”

Mix Tape is a perfect amethyst holographic micro glitter. It’s so delicate yet so bold at the same time! If you’re a purple lover, you definitely NEED this one!

So many holo glitters – I LOVE IT!


Special is a vibrant fuchsia holographic micro glitter. I love the contrast of the holo glitters with the fuchsia base! Another polish that I think is very fun!

These holo glitters are making my heart flutter! ❤

“The More You Ruv Someone”

The More You Ruv Someone is a delicate baby pink holographic micro glitter. I did not think I was going to like this one as much as I do! There’s something about the daintiness of this baby pink shade that I absolutely adore. I think this will look great paired with a bold stamped image on top!

I don’t know about you but I’m ruving this shade! 😉

Overall Thoughts

Another wonderful collection from Glam Polish! The formula of each polish is absolutely FANTASTIC all across the board! Aside from the outstanding formula, I am totally loving the rainbow color scheme – so many great combinations for nail art! Each shade is fun and vibrant which I think goes perfectly with the Avenue Q theme. 🙂

My picks are be The Internet is for Pourn, Schadenfreude, School for Monsters, and Not Wearing Underwear.

The Alphabet City Collection releases this Friday, January 1st, at 1pm EDT. They will be available for purchase here. Shipping is available to Australia, France, and the US. US shipping rates are $3.50 USD for the first polish and $1.00 USD for each additional polish.

For more on this collection (and their purple trio also launching this Friday!!) you can check out Glam Polish on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

What do you think about this Avenue Q inspired collection? Will you be picking any up during Friday’s launch?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

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