China Glaze The Great Outdoors

More Fall collections! Yay! Today’s post is all about China Glaze‘s Fall 2015 The Great Outdoors Collection.

Image Credit: China Glaze

This nature-inspired collection consists of twelve polishes – five cremes, one shimmer, two metallics, three duochromes, and one glitter.

All swatches were taken indoors under Cree daylight bulbs using a Samsung NX300 camera.

“S’more Fun”

S’more Fun is a lemon lime (kind of chartreuse) creme. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. The first coat was a little patchy so I was worried that I would have difficulties getting it to even out. After applying the second coat, all my worries drifted away! It was completely opaque and leveled out perfectly! The name of this polish throws me off a little bit (lol) but I think it’s a very fun shade!

“Change Your Altitude”

Change Your Altitude is a pebble grey creme. Shown here is ONE generous coat plus top coat. The generous coat was actually unintentional. There was a lot of polish on the brush each time I inserted it into the bottle. Because of this, I experienced cuticle flooding. Once I did a couple nails, I was able to prevent this because I knew to watch out for it. Despite the flooding, this polish is pretty great. So opaque, so creamy, great leveling, and no patchiness!

 “My Lodge or Yours?”

My Lodge or Yours? is a natural mauve creme. Shown here is ONE generous coat plus top coat. Same as before – lots of polish on the brush but very opaque! I love the pink/lavender tone of this polish. A great neutral fall shade!

“Take a Hike”

Take a Hike is a rich mossy green creme. Shown here is ONE generous coat plus top coat. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here but watch out for cuticle flooding. Other than that, another great fall creme!

“Free Bear Hugs”

Free Bear Hugs is a deep black red creme (almost crelly). Shown here is two coats plus top coat. This is one polish that I was able to control very well. It has a very nice formula with great leveling. Vampy and quite frankly, bad ass!

 “Sleeping Under the Stars”

Sleeping Under the Stars is a dusty navy blue creme with purple to gold shimmer. Shown here is ONE generous coat plus top coat. The shimmer in this polish is stunning and quite noticeable in person. Unfortunately, it was hiding from my camera in my swatch picture 😦 but I did manage to capture it in the macro below, yay!

“Wood You Wanna?”

Wood You Wanna? is a deep chocolate brown and silver metallic. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. I’m really loving this shade! The chocolate brown and silver work perfectly to create a beautiful metallic glow. Application is super easy and the formula is awesome!

❤ ❤ ❤

“Check Out That Silver Fox”

Check Out That Silver Fox is a gunmetal silver metallic. Shown here is ONE coat plus top coat. Great formula! I had a few visible brush strokes but that’s expected with this kind of finish. I think this is a polish that is best worn without a top coat. It has a much smoother finish on its own. With top coat, it kind of ruffles up? Hopefully that makes sense. Make sure to apply this one very carefully because clean up isn’t so fun. The metallic shimmer is a pain to remove from your skin. Fortunately, I was able to control this polish pretty well and didn’t get much on my skin.

Forget the silver fox. Check out that metallic bling!

“Cabin Fever”

Cabin Fever is a pink to copper duochrome. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. I tried to control this polish as best as possible but I ended up with a thicker second coat than I wanted which translated into pretty noticeable brush strokes. I tested a nail with three thin coats and it was less streaky. Brush strokes aside, the shift is amazing! One moment it’s a bright copper, the next a rich rosy pink!

That shift is giving me life!

“Gone Glamping”

Gone Glamping (LOVE the name!) is a gold to green duochrome. Shown here is two coats plus top coat. I didn’t have as much of an issue with brush strokes but they are there. The shift isn’t as strong as Cabin Fever but it’s just as gorgeous! I have a lot of duochromes in my polish collection but none with this shift. It’s so lovely!

That shift! ❤

The green and gold compliment each other so well!


Pondering is an amethyst to emerald green duochrome. Shown here is three coats plus top coat. This polish is the sheerest of the three duochromes but it builds up very well. Really easy to apply and the dry time is great! From the bottle, this looks like a multichrome with the third color being a purple grey but I couldn’t get that color to show up on my nails. Either way, the two that do show are gorgeous!

The shift is so seamless!

“Let’s Dew It”

Last up is Let’s Dew It – a stunning silver and black clear base glitter with added purple and blue shimmer. Shown here is ONE coat over black plus top coat. Gahhh, I LOVE this polish! It can easily be layered to reach opacity but I think it looks great over black. The formula is a dream! So smooth! It’s packed with glitters that don’t move around which makes it really easy to cover your entire nail. Hands down my favorite from the collection!

That shimmer is uhhhhhh-mazing!

Love, love, LOVEEEE!

Overall Thoughts

This collection promises nature-inspired shades that explore the vast tones and textures of the wilderness and it delivers! The color palette is wonderful and of course the names are perfect. If I ever go camping, I’m definitely sporting one of these shades! The only issue I had was too much polish on the brushes resulting in cuticle and sidewall flooding. Now is this a deal breaker? Definitely not! It’s just something that heavy handed polishers, like myself, need to be aware of. Most of the cremes were one coaters with all the others (except one) needing only two coats for opacity.

My picks are Let’s Dew It, S’more Fun, Wood You Wanna?, and Pondering.

The Great Outdoors is available for purchase now at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply. MSRP $7.50 for individual shades.

For more information, you can check out China Glaze on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

What do you think of this nature-inspired collection? Which ones will you be picking up or have you already picked them up..? 😉

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

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